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We are go-to on-location photographers. Find a photographer in your area. If you can't find one, contact us and we will work with you for options. We provide high quality photographic memories for families and friends in a fun setting, while freeing photographers to enjoy taking pictures without the hassle of marketing, sales, editing, printing, shipping and other stressful, but necessary, parts of running a small photography business. Picture Parties® gives photographers not only support but also the confidence to do what they love - take pictures!
A Picture Party is a fun event where you and your friends/colleagues/family have pictures taken in a relaxed environment that everyone loves!
Picture Parties® held in your home or office are the perfect location for a comfortable photographing environment. Your photographer will need a 10' x 10' space to set up a background and lights. Locations such as parks are also wonderful settings for your Picture Party! Choose a location that is completely shaded or ask your photographer for awesome locale suggestions.
Spring, summer, fall and winter are all great times to host a Picture Party. Outdoor Picture Parties® must be held in completely shaded areas of your choice. In-home Picture Parties® can be scheduled anytime of the day and are not affected by the weather.
It's a perfect solution to hosting a party while having a photo session for you and your friends! Invite your friends, family and colleagues for a photo session in a fun setting. Example theme ideas for hosting a Picture Party include: family pictures, senior pictures, headshots, pet photography, sports teams (t-ball, soccer, karate, swim, baseball, softball), birthday parties, family reunions and more!
Anyone can host a Picture Party, even if you haven't attended a Picture Party in the past. It's easy to sign up and your photographer will help walk you through the simple details.
Simply choose a date to host a party in your home or on location inviting five or more families or friends to be photographed. Enter your guests' email addresses into the system and we will take care of sending out invitations and offering suggested outfits to your guests. It's a party! Plan on serving finger foods, beverages and prepare to have fun while having your photo session. Each family has the choice of one 20 minute session or two 10 minute sessions which is perfect for an outfit change and redirecting children.
  • Before the photographer arrives, clear a space for the backdrop (10 feet wide by 10 feet deep)
  • Eliminate pet fur and/or other particles that may show up in pictures
  • Display a spread of snacks and beverages for guests. Reminder, avoid colored drinks that may stain smiling lips, teeth and more.
  • Turn the air down to 68 degrees. The photography lighting heats up the room quickly.
  • Crank up the tunes to encourage perky moods and smiles from all your guests.
  • Furniture that is light and can be easily moved like bar stools
  • Colorful furniture pieces like benches and chairs
  • Small rugs for texture, colorful pillows, baskets, seasonal things like a stuffed bunny for easter or santa hats for Christmas
You'd be surprised how little of a space is required for the photographer's equipment. Simply clear a space of 10'x10' for the backdrop and equipment. If space is still an issue, consider hosting your Picture Party in a community center or at a fabulous outdoor area that is completely shaded.
There is no fee to host a party. In fact, you'll received bonus professional photography gift options for hosting a Picture Party.
There is no fee to attend a Picture Party. Come prepared to be photographed in a fun and relaxing environment. Your pictures will be available for purchase if you're interested.
You should wear something real, something in which you are comfortable, that will allow your personality to shine through. Play it safe, we recommend refraining from getting a new haircut, facial or facial waxing 3-4 days prior to the event.
Visit our What To Wear page for more details.